Jun 222012
Hello Kitty Heels

As promised Part 2 of hello Kitty,  below you will find Hello Kitty heels and the links to them can be found by clicking on the photo. Sexy Sexy Sexy and then some The Black and Silver heels were found on a blog site dedicated to Hello Kitty full time.  If you love and really [...]

Jun 012012
Neat stuff Jewelry and other!

Today Heels A Plenty would like to share with you some of the odd and end things found.  Starting with some face jewelry and ending with who knows what. The things I am sharing with you are found on “Wish” a website I favor just because of the vast amount of fun things people have [...]

May 252012
It's Summer time so how about something for the guys

I’m always looking for new places.  Some you have heard of, some you have not but they are new to me.  So today Heels A Plenty is sharing with you a website I found that has the fashion we like along with a little bit of everything for everyone.  Well, most everyone.  Lets not debate [...]